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Garaj Mahal's 3rd Studio release!

This Garaj Mahal classic is avalable and in stock again!! featuring GM jams like Semos, Hotel, Pundit-ji and Uptown Tippitina's. 


GM's 4th Studio release

 Avalable and in stock again, this CD features drummer and vocalist Sean Rickman. MMNG is a musical mixture of jazz, fusion, world music, and pop makes a strong statement about the future of music! Also features the Moog Guitar.


JUST ADDED!! Garaj Mahal and The Moog Guitar

 Fareed Haque was one of the earliest standard bearers for the Moog Guitar, and on this disc he puts the instrument through its many paces in the company of bassist Kai Eckhardt, drummer Sean Rickman, and keyboardist Eric Levy. Much of the music was arranged—actually more like assembled—by Levy in Ableton Live from audio clips in four keys at four tempos provided by the other members of the group. The music ranges from groove-driven funk to gentler and more atmospheric pieces (including an arrangement of the “Largo” from Vivaldi’s Concerto in D Major) to hard-rocking fusion—all with the Moog Guitar front and center. Whether you are a Garaj Mahal fan or just curious about the Moog Guitar, give this enlightening disc a spin. And don’t forget to watch the 3:15 bonus video: Fareed Haque & The Moog Guitar


Garaj Mahal's Legendary Debut Album

 When keyboardist Eric Levy joined Garaj Mahal, the event took place at In The Pocket Studios in San Francisco, CA. The quartet immediately captured their sound in the studio, and wound up with more than an hour of stunning material. Friends DJ Fly Agaric, DJ Roto, and The String Cheese Incident’s Michael Kang contribute to the proceedings. 


Blueberry Cave - GM's 2nd Studio release

 Whereas their debut studio album (Mondo Garaj) was recorded within days of the band's formation, Blueberry Cave shows the positive effect of years spent honing their musical relationship on the road. The album's 10 tracks offer glimpses into the band's cavalcade of musical abilities, like exotic global sounds, breakneck fusion workouts, burbling funk, and their own signature style of songwriting. 


Garaj Mahal's very first release

 Recorded at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco CA on August 23, 2002 with special guest Zakir Hussain on Tablas! 


Experience an old school Garaj show!

 Live from the Boulevard Cafe, Chicago, IL, August 13, 2002. 


Garaj Mahal, 5/11/02, Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO

Volume III is energetic and tasty. "Thursday" is a slice of Rhodes-fried groove that sounds like Steely Dan with Prince on vocals. "Stoked On Razaki" is a frantic exercise in speed-jazz that features Jamie Janover on his custom-made "Mini-Kit", adding more depth to the undulating rhythm. The whole thing ends with an instrumental cover of Madonna's "Material Girl" that spans 17 minutes..


Here we have Garaj Mahal music reinvented, big band style along with founding member Fareed Haque.

 When Cincinnati Conservatory of Music Jazz Director, Scott Belck, approached me at a gig about a Garaj Mahal big band album I thought he was joking at first. Then I realized this cat knew all our tunes! He seriously wanted to play our music arranged and performed by his orchestra!! Then debut it at Lincoln Center, play it all over the country, record an album. And here it is. So check this one out.